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Our resources are limited at this time. As a result, we have had to establish ELIGIBILITY criterion that allow us to focus on those we believe we are best positioned to help. If you are not eligible to receive services from us, check the MORE HELP tab of this website for additional resources.

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To receive services from Outreach Counseling, you must meet all of the following criteria.

(1)You must be 19 years of age or older. We do not provide services for children or adolescents.

(2) You must have been referred to us by a person or an agency familiar with our work. We do not provide services to persons who have not been referred to us.

(3) You must be willing and able to utilize telehealth services. We do not provide face-to-face in office  services.

(4) You must be in the state of Texas when you are receiving our services. We do not provide services outside of the state of Texas.


If you are in need of counseling services but do not meet all of the above criterion, feel free to click the More Help tab for other counseling resources with more flexibility in their eligibility criterion. 

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